More on Dr. Barbara and her series of trainings

This series of trainings has been designed by Dr. Barbara Turner, Author of The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy, to provide qualified mental health professionals a thorough training in the practice of Jungian sandplay therapy.

The courses begin with the assumption that the participants know very little about sandplay, and builds from there to highly advanced theoretical concepts and practical applications of the sandplay method. Trainings are designed in five-day blocks, and can be completed as four individual segments, or as two two-week trainings. Dr. Turner always encourages the active participation of participations in class discussions and questions, and maintains a respectful, relaxed learning environment.

The program consist of a well-balanced diversity of educational delivery formats that Dr. Turner has carefully crafted to support the absorption and integration of the material through multiple intelligences. This consists of richly illustrated conceptual material in PowerPoint presentations, which draws on verbal-rational and spatial intelligences. All theory is supported with sandplay case examples from Dr. Turner’s practice. Bodily-kinestheticn intelligence is activated with hands-on construction and development of symbolic materials for use in the participants’ sandplay rooms. Contemplation and depth exploration of symbolic material awakens intrapersonal learning, and the animated class discussion and work in small group units stimulates interpersonal learning channels.

Each participant has the opportunity to do his or her own sandplay process work as both client and therapist, which provides the participants with the personal experience of how the psyche moves over the course of a sandplay process. Having the felt-sense of the experience of sandplay is an essential component for the well-trained sandplay therapist. In the two week format, participants do a series of five sandplays, and in the one week format, they do a series of three.

Barbara Turner, PhD, is the author of The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy, the definitive text of Jungian sandplay, and the bestselling book in the field. Dr. Turner is co-author with Dr. Kristin Unnsteinsdóttir of Sandplay and Storytelling: The Impact of Creative Thinking on Children’s Learning and Development, and is Editor of The Teachings of Dora Kalff: Sandplay. Recognized as an outstanding scholar, practitioner and trainer in this field, Dr. Turner teaches sandplay throughout the world.

Barbara Turner began her study of Jungian sandplay therapy with the founder of the method, Dora M. Kalff, in Switzerland in 1988. Her interests and explorations of sandplay continue to this day. Dr. Turner has done extensive research into the theory and healing process of sandplay. She focused her doctoral studies on the sandplay method, writing her dissertation on methods of understanding sandplay process. Dr. Turner was instrumental in returning the classic books in sandplay to print, and has written scholarly articles for The Journal of Sandplay Therapy. Dr. Turner has published chapters on theoretical aspects of Jungian sandplay therapy in a number of sandplay books, and she has published instructive chapters for play therapists in two popular books on play therapy techniques.

Dr. Turner serves as consultant to practicing sandplay & play therapists, and teaches the theory and principles of Jungian sandplay therapy online to clinicians through the Temenos Press Learning Center. In addition Dr. Turner is also on the faculty of the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy where she teaches Foundations & Theory of Sandplay.

Dr. Turner holds the Certified Sandplay Therapist – Teacher designation, the highest credential awarded by the International Society for Sandplay Therapy and The Sandplay Therapists of America. She is also recognized as a Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor, the highest credential awarded by the Association for Play Therapy. She is a licensed mental health clinician in the State of California and has practiced for over twenty years.

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