Intermediate Sandplay Therapy Course: The Jungian Foundation and Symbolic Language (5th – 9th July 2016)

Intermediate Sandplay Therapy Course: The Jungian Foundation and Symbolic Language

5 – 9 July 2016

This week-long program Intermediate Sandplay Therapy Course enhances the Therapist’s understanding of Jungian thought as it relates to the processes of Sandplay Therapy. Theoretical material will be presented as found in sandplay in clinical situations.   The amplification of symbols, symbolic language and how the unconscious communicates non-verbally through active play will be outlined.   Participants will learn to apply Jungian concepts to clinical appreciation of images, including archetypes, complexes, structure of the psyche, anima/animus, shadow, resolution of opposites, and Self-structure indications.

Amplification of the role of an archetypal image as it appears in a sandplay case will be offered; the way symbols mediate between levels of consciousness will be further examined.

Jung’s transcendent function and the activation of self-healing psychological healing, will be seen in case materials.   Participants will learn how to ‘read’ and appreciate the symbolic expressions contained in sandplay through lecture, discussion, experiential exercise and analytic commentary on clinical examples.   They will also learn how to assist their clients to appreciate the impact of symbolic understanding.   Topics presented will include distinguishing the differences between literal and symbolic communication, describing how symbolic communication enhances therapeutic processes, and discovering layers of meaning of several symbols (personal, familial, cultural and archetypal). Tracking the movement and development of specific symbols in sequential sandplay case material will be revealed in images from case material.

The symbol as expressed through myths, folkloric tales, dreams, art mandala, meditative contemplation of images and active imagination will be introduced, aligned with Jungian psychological understanding.

This program is fully approved and meets the coursework requirements for ISST certified membership

Intermediate Sandplay Therapy Course: The Jungian Foundation and Symbolic Language:

Faculty and ISST Certified Sandplay Teacher: Alexander Esterhuyzen
Date:  5th – 9th July 2016
Time: 9am – 5pm (Inclusive of 1 hour lunch break)
Venue: 30 Orange Grove Road #07-03 S(258352) RELC
Payment Mode: Paypal
Early Bird Special: S$1700 – CLOSED
Regular Price: S$1950 -CLOSED

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