SandPlay Therapy Course 1 and 2 (28th -29th; 30th March 2018)

Course 1: Foundations of Jungian Sandplay Therapy
March 28-29, 2018
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
(12 instructional hours)

Course 2: Making Connections: The Neuropsychology of Trauma and Sandplay Therapy
(*Pre-requisite Course 1 Foundations of Jungian Sandplay Therapy)
March 30, 2018
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
(6 instructional hours)

Course 1: Foundations of Jungian Sandplay Therapy 

Join us to learn the theoretical foundations and practical applications of Jungian sandplay therapy with children and adults. Through lecture, experiential activities and compelling case studies students will have the opportunity to connect on a deep level to this work and to integrate concepts.

Course objectives:
1. Describe the key tenets of Sandplay Therapy (SPT) as founded by Dora Kalff
2. Distinguish SPT from other play therapy methods
3. Explore the “free and protected” space and co-transference in SPT
4. Identify fundamental concepts in Jungian personality theory (e.g., shadow, Self, individuation, etc.) and their applications in SPT
5. Describe how symbols, play, archetypes, and the transcendent function promote healing in SPT
6. Identify stages of psychological development in sandplay images
7. List categories and contents of a sandplay collection
8. Summarize skills and training necessary to begin clinical practice of SPT
9. Participate in experiential art and sandplay activities to explore, practice and integrate concepts.The training of the Therapist, including elements towards Certification, the importance of one’s Personal Process, clinical co-transference, symbolic thinking, case presentation and supervision will be outlined.This program is fully approved and meets the coursework requirements for ISST certified membership


Course 2: Making Connections: The Neuropsychology of Trauma
and Sandplay Therapy
(*Pre-requisite Course 1 Foundations of Jungian Sandplay Therapy)

Trauma causes complex psychological and neurobiological changes. A disconnect between body and soul often takes place (Levine, 1997) with both protective and persecutory functions (Kalsched, 2013). Sandplay Therapy (SPT) provides an enriched sensory and relational experience that promotes neurodevelopment.  As we touch and move sand, play freely, symbolize and self-reflect in the presence of an attuned therapist multiple brain systems are activated and connections are naturally forged. Drawing from the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics ® (NMT, Perry, 2006, 2009), research in neuroscience, case studies, and the three roots of SPT, this presentation will explore a neuropsychological perspective on how SPT heals and transforms trauma (Freedle, 2017).


Course objectives:

1.  Define trauma and its effect on the brain, body, and psyche/soul.
2.  Describe four essential components of SPT that promote neural integration and  healing of trauma (Freedle, 2017).
3. Recognize how the trauma narrative is expressed/re-processed in SPT.
4. Apply current theories on trauma treatment (e.g., Perry, Levine, Siegel, Kalsched and others) to SPT.
5. Describe the neurobiology of empathy and stress and its implications for secondary traumatic stress particular to sandplay therapists.


SandPlay Therapy Course 1 and 2 (28th – 30th March 2018)

Faculty and ISST Certified Sandplay Teacher: Dr. Lorraine R. Freedle
Date 1: 28th – 29th March 2018 (Wed – Thu)
Date 2: 30th March (Fri)
Time: 9am – 5pm (Inclusive of 1 hour lunch break)
Venue: 30 Orange Grove Road #07-03 S(258352) RELC
Course 1 only  + S$50 (administration fee)
Regular Price: S$850
Course 2 only + S$25 (administration fee)
(*Pre-requisite Course 1 or Previous Sandplay Training with SandPlay Therapy Singapore)
Regular Price: S$450
Course 1 and 2 + $25 (administration fee)
Regular Price: S$1150


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