Sandplay Therapy Group Consultation

What is this Sandplay Therapy Group Supervision all about?

At Sandplay Therapy Singapore (STS), we offer a platform for individuals via Group Supervision to to work toward Certification in sandplay therapy by the International Society For Sandplay Therapy (ISST). Group Consulation is one of the requirements for Certification.

According to ISST, candidates for Certification must have had consultation/supervision of their practical work in individual and group sessions, with at least two different Supervisors. The total number of supervision hours is determined by each National Society, with a minimum of 80 hours of individual and group supervision with an ISST Certified Teaching Member. Of these a minimum of 30 hours must be individual supervision. 50 hours of group supervision will be acceptable provided the student presents their own material 10 hours of the 50. In the view of ISST, the supervisor should be different from the personal process therapist.

Group Consulation is conducted by Dr. Barbara Turner in Singapore:

Barbara A. Turner, PhD, is a Certified Sandplay Therapist – Teacher, who will conduct two 35-hour intensive group consultation/supervision sessions in November of this year. Groups are limited to 10. Each member will present case material from their practices for 3 hours. These hours count toward Certification and are fully recognized by the International Society for Sandplay Therapy.

Instructions for preparation of case material will be sent upon registration.

1. Group One: 10 pax max per group.: November 14 to18 (5days)*
2. Group Two: 10 pax max per group: November 21 to 25 (5days)*

9am – 5pm

*Registration is CLOSED as class is full.

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